FIN-210 Topic 1 Chapter 2 Financial Planning Problems Assignment

Chapter 2 Financial Planning Problems

Complete Problems 1-6 and 9 in Chapter 2 of the textbook.

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1.Angela earns $2,170 per month before taxes in her full-time job and $900 before taxes in her part-time job. About $650 per month is needed to pay taxes. What is Angela’s disposable income?

2.Angela (from prob-lem 1) inspects her checkbook and her credit card bills and determines that she has the following monthly expenses:

3.Angela makes a budget based on her personal cash flow statement. In two months, she must pay $375 for tags and taxes on her car. How will this payment affect her net cash flow for that month? Suggest ways that Angela might handle this situation.

4.From the information in problems 1 through 3, how much can Angela expect to save in the next 12 months?

5.Angela analyzes her personal budget and decides that she can reduce her rec-reational spending by $50 per month. How much will that increase her annual savings? What will her annual savings be now?

6.If Angela is saving $350 per month, what is her savings rate (i.e., savings as a percent-age of disposable income)?

9.What is the value of their liquid assets? What is the value of their household assets? What is the value of their investments?

Course: FIN-210 Personal Finance
School: Grand Canyon University

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