CUR/505 Week 2 Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education Team Assignment

Wk 2 Team: Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education

The Programme for International Assessment (PISA) is an international assessment.

Research the United States’ current PISA scores.

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Reflect on the responses of different educational systems:

  • What did those countries do to turn their educational systems around?
  • How does the United States’ PISA score compare to other countries’ PISA scores?
  • What might the United States do to improve their PISA scores, if needed?

Create a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation comparing education systems around the world. Include the following:

  • Examine student performance outcomes of those educational systems, particularly through international assessments such as PISA.
  • Compare attributes and customs of education in the United States and the rest of the world.

Submit your assignment.

Course: CUR/505 Social And Global Perspectives Of Teacher Leadership
School: University of Phoenix

  • 08/11/2020
  • 100
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