PHI-105 Topic 3 Fallacy Study Guide Assignment

In Topic 4, you will be learning about fallacies. This is a challenging concept for many students. This week you will use the template provided to create a study guide to help you better understand fallacies.

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Fallacy Study Guide (Flash Cards)

Using the Logical Fallacies Media piece (located in “Topic 3 Study Materials” tab) create flash cards to help you study for the fallacy quiz in Topic 4. To do so, fill in a definition and an example on each fallacy card below. After you have submitted this completed document to your instructor for a grade, you can print it out, cut out each fallacy card, and fold them in half to study with.

Reference for Logical Fallacies Media Piece: Grand Canyon University (2012). Logical Fallacies. Retrieved from:

Course: PHI-105 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 01/11/2020
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