HTH-515 Topic 4 Humanity and Sin Assignment

The previous content assessment had you evaluate biblical doctrine from a theological perspective, considering both the biblical support as well as your own personal influences on its interpretation. This assignment moves you to the topics of humanity and sin, as you reflect on the origin of evil, sin, and the pitfalls associated with faulty biblical support.

For this assignment you will utilize the document entitled, “Humanity and Sin,” containing the questions and activities you will need to prepare on your own. These assessments are not group activities, as each student will be expected to submit personal theological reflections that arise from his or her own understanding and conversations with others. Content assessments will interact with material from course topic overviews, textbooks, and the ongoing theological discussions in the course. Each question should be answered as indicated in the assessment document.

Follow the instructions provided in the content assessment, remembering to

  1. Fully respond to every question/activity in the document.
  2. Thoughtfully and creatively respond, signaling more than merely filling in the blanks.
  3. Critically engage and reflect on the questions, as well as the overarching theme, to demonstrate theological growth.

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While Turabian style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using Turabian formatting guidelines, which can be found in the Turabian Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

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HTH-515 Topic 4 Humanity and Sin

  1. The Image of God and Human Identity

Do a search for the phrase “image of God” in two different theological dictionaries. After reading the definitions, what did you learn about how the image of God serves to establish our identity and purpose as human beings? Make sure to include bibliographic information for the sources you used. [100-150 words]

  1. Divine Directives Concerning Marriage and Family Life

Pretend you have been invited to teach college-aged students about the purpose of marriage and family life from a biblical perspective. Gleaning only from Genesis chapters 2 and 3, create a brief outline for sharing three Scriptural divine directives concerning marriage and family life. All you need to include is a title, a short statement of purpose, three main catchy headings with Scripture references, a brief description of each heading, and a closing application. [100-150 words]


Statement of Purpose:

<<My Catchy Heading 1>> [Scripture Reference]

  • brief description

<<My Catchy Heading 2>> [Scripture Reference]

  • brief description

<<My Catchy Heading 3>> [Scripture Reference]

  • brief description

Closing Application:

III. Perspectives on the Origin of Evil

As a church leader you will often be asked to comment on doctrines that are obscure and based on faulty biblical support. The following article is a great reference for understanding the main issues and players involved in the mystery of the origin of evil. After reading the article below, summarize the main view, strength, and weakness of R.C. Sproul Jr.’s recent proposal and Augustine’s classic treatment of the topic. Also, provide a brief personal critique of each view.

Copan, Paul. “If God’s Creation Was ‘Very Good,’ How Could Evil Arise?” Enrichment Journal (Winter 2013), accessed February 25, 2019.

[250-300 words]

Two Views on the Origin of Evil
Main View Major Strength Major Weakness Personal Critique
R.C. Sproul Jr.
  1. Views on Sin and the Fall

Using the search feature in Accordance [or another Bible software program or Internet resource] and a theological dictionary with Strong’s number references, define the basic meaning (one to three words) and representative biblical references (one to three) in support of the concepts of sin and the fall from grace. Also, provide a short explanation of what the verses you chose say about these concepts. You only need to give three basic meanings, although in case you really get into this, five rows are included in each table. [200-250 words]

Scripture Inventory of the Concept of Sin
Basic Meaning Biblical References Short explanation of what these verses say about the concept of sin
Scripture Inventory of the Concept of the Fall
Basic Meaning Biblical References Short explanation of what these verses say about the concept of the fall
  1. Defining Original Sin

The idea of “original sin” has a long history in Christian doctrine. Read the textbook sections that refer to the concept of original sin (Horton, The Christian Faith, 423-431; Jones, Practicing Christian Doctrine, 110-113). Choose three Christian thinkers and establish the main idea and biblical support for their claims. Then, provide a brief critique of the strengths and weaknesses of their views on original sin. [250-300 words]

Major Christian Thinkers on the concept of Original Sin
Christian Thinker and Time Period Main Idea and Biblical Support Brief Critique of Strengths and Weaknesses

Course: HTH-515 Christian Doctrines
School: Grand Canyon University

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