CNS6425 Clinical Mental Health Counseling One Page Proposal Page for Presentation Topic Increasing Programs of Drug use Among Teenagers

Submit a one page proposal on the topic of choice and the reason why I choose this topic.  What was interesting about topic, what I hope to provide in the presentation such as the signs, possible symptoms or behaviours that contribute to teenage addictions and  recommended treatment.

Submit one peer review journal you plan to use to develop the presentation via email for me to print to go along with the one page paper.

Select topic related to:

  • History
  • Etiology
  • Assessment
  • Interventions
  • Treatment
  • Evaluation debates within the field of addictions

Reference at least 4 peer reviewed professional publications published within the past 5 years .

Prepare a 30 minute presentation.

Course: CNS6425 Clinical Mental Health Counseling
School: South University



  • 25/04/2017
  • 10
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