SCI/256 Week 4 Energy Matrix Assignment

In Chapter 13, you read about the primary sources of energy people rely on all over the world. The textbook delineates the differences between renewable and non-renewable forms of energy, an important factor in sustainability. In this assignment, you will review energy sources and provide definitions and summaries in your own words to develop a personalized understanding of the concepts.

Complete the Energy Matrix.

Submit your assignment.

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Energy Matrix

Use your textbook to research each energy source in the matrix below.

Complete the matrix with 1- to 2-sentence responses for each prompt.

Energy source Description

(Where does the energy come from? How is it extracted?)

Renewable or non-renewable? Explain.  Examples of use Limitations to using this resource Benefits to using this resource
1.   Fossil fuels (gas, oil, coil, petroleum)
2.   Nuclear power
3.  Hydropower
4.  Wind energy
5.  Solar energy
6.  Biomass energy
7.  Geothermal energy

Course: SCI/256 People, Science And The Environment
School: University of Phoenix

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