Christian Psychotherapy Services (CPS)  Is the site of choice .  You can receive all information from the following link:

The following information must be in separate slides for 10 mins :

  • Name of Site
  • Address and phone number of site
  • population served at site
  • counseling services provided
  • funding services
  • referral sources
  • Number of of therapists employed and education levels ( you can give a count of the number of therapist employed at all locations, suffolk, chesapeake and Virginia Beach.   You can scan there levels of education which they all have to be masters levels or doctors and licensed LPC, Psychologist or LCSW etc)
  • Willingness to take practicum/internship students (yes they are, however you can contact a specific therapist individually for information or you can contact HR to speak with coordinator for practicum internship program

Course: CNS6425 Clinical Mental Health Counseling
School: South University

  • 24/04/2017
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