BUS-390 Topic 7 Business Organization and Entry Strategies Worksheet Assignment

Business Organization and Entry Strategies Worksheet

Access and complete the “Business Organization and Entry Strategies Worksheet.”

While APA style is not required for the body of this assessment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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BUS-390 Business Organization and Entry Strategies Worksheet

Use this worksheet as a template to complete the assignment in a separate document to turn in to the instructor.

Select an existing company in the United States. You are taking this same business into another a similar market of the country you selected in Topic 1 to analyze in this course (i.e., taking Chik-Fil-A into the fast food market in India).

Next, answer the following prompts to explain how you will change the structure of the company when entering another country:

Describe the product/service type (75-100 words)
Describe the Market (75-100 words)
Describe the existing corporate structure of the company (100-150 words)
Citing one to three scholarly sources, explain how you would organize or transact business based on the nature of the product you’re offering, your understanding of rule of law, and the culture in your targeted/selected country. (200-250 words)
Propose an appropriate entry strategy based on the above and how you might rethink your existing structure. (75-100 words)
What are the pros and cons of your proposed strategy? (75-100 words)
Citing one to three scholarly sources, recommend a mode of entry and strategy for the selected country. Explain the risks. (200-250 words)

Course: BUS-390 Global Business
School: Grand Canyon University

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