BIB-107 Topic 7 Review Assignment What are three pieces of evidence for the dating of Hebrews

Utilize the content from the assigned readings in order to answer the questions in this review. Specific directions for completion are provided in the “Topic 7 Review” document.

This review, and others you will complete throughout the course, will provide you with key points you need in order to master this content and pass this course. Please refer back to each review as needed to refresh your understanding and as a tool to assist you in the course assessments.

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Topic 7 Review

Fill in the review as you complete the assigned readings for the topic. This review will help you prepare for course discussions, assignments, and examinations. The review may be used during examinations.

For direct quotes, be sure to use proper GCU style (Author, Year, p. #). It is important to cite your sources properly to avoid intentional or unintentional plagiarism, either of which is a violation of the University Code of Conduct and may result in loss of points or other disciplinary action.

Additionally, including page numbers will allow you to locate information more quickly while you prepare for and take exams.

Encountering the New Testament: A Historical and Theological Survey

Chapter 22

  1. Why are the General Epistles called the General Epistles? What does the term Catholic Epistles mean?
  2. What are three pieces of evidence for the dating of Hebrews?
  3. What are the pieces of evidence as to the audience of Hebrews?
  4. Why is Hebrews considered a Sermonic Epistle?
  5. What are two focal points for Hebrews?
  6. What are three pieces of evidence for the dating of James?
  7. What are the pieces of evidence as to the audience of James?
  8. What are two forms of Old Testament literature echoed in James?

Chapter 23

  1. What are two pieces of evidence that Peter was writing from Rome in the era of Nero’s reign?
  2. What are four themes in 1 Peter?
  3. What are four themes in 2 Peter?
  4. What are four purposes for John’s writing in 1 John?
  5. Who was Jude?
  6. What was Jude’s primary warning?

Chapter 24

  1. What are the two general options for dating Revelation?
  2. Summarize the four different theories of interpretation for Revelation?
  3. How is God described in Revelation?
  4. How is the Son of God described in Revelation?
  5. What is the difference between personal eschatology and cosmic eschatology?


Elwell, W. A., & Yarbrough, R. W. (2013). Encountering the New Testament: A historical and theological survey (3rd ed.). Grand Rapids: MI. Baker Academic.

Course: BIB-107 New Testament Survey
School: Grand Canyon University

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