BIB-107 Topic 2 Covenant Term Paper Part II Annotated Bibliography

Covenant Term Paper Part II: Annotated Bibliography

Use the “Covenant Term Paper Part II: Annotated Bibliography” document to complete the assignment.

This section of the paper will focus on providing an annotated bibliography to support your writing of the paper on the theme of covenant.

To complete this assignment, follow the instructions found on the provided annotated bibliography document, and complete the assignment in the document.

The “Covenant Term Paper Part III: Final Draft” due in Topic 6 is required to have a minimum of six academic sources from the GCU Library, along with the Bible and your textbook. Additional sources outside of the GCU Library may be used with the instructor’s approval prior to usage.

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Use the feedback from your instructor to help you think through the sources that you have chosen.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Refer to the resource, “Preparing Annotated Bibliographies,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

BIB-107: Covenant Term Paper Part II: Annotated Bibliography

Assignment Overview

Find a minimum of six academic sources from the GCU Library on the theme of covenant. You will use these sources later to write your “Covenant Term Paper Part III: Final Draft.” Use the content from your Topic 1 assignment to help you think about keywords for your searches. You may add more than six sources if you wish as long as all sources are scholarly. Do not use a book review as one of your sources.

For each source, you will write a summary and/or evaluation of the article in your own words. Each summary should be two to four sentences. The summary/evaluation for each source should identify the main point of the article and how that article might be helpful for your own essay. Do not copy and paste the abstract provided by the GCU Library. The summary needs to be your interaction and summary of the article.

Library Help

Take a library webinar this week if you can, because that will give you tools for conducting effective searches. Do not hesitate to contact the librarians directly by phone, email, or live chat for more help finding quality sources.

The Next Step

Use the sample below to guide your own work. Type your own work right into this worksheet and submit it. Submit the assignment to LopesWrite. The score may be high because of worksheet content. The instructor will open and view each report and will only be paying attention to your own work to check for originality, so do not worry if the worksheet content is highlighted.

Three Components

Each resource listed in your bibliography should include three parts:

  1. Reference in GCU Style (use the cite feature in the library, choose the APA reference, and adjust capitalization as needed to match GCU Style). Keep the GCU Style guide handy so you can revise the references as needed.
  2. Permalink from the GCU Library (this is different than the URL at the top of the browser). If you do not know how to find the actual permalink, call the librarians.
  3. Write two to four sentences that give a short summary of the article and explain how this article will be helpful for your essay. Do NOT copy an abstract from the library; write your own summary/explanation to show that you understand the article.


1 & 2. Reference and permalink (use control + T to format the hanging indent).

Hubbard, D. A. (1983). Hope in the Old Testament. Tyndale Bulletin, 34, 33-59. Retrieved from

  1. Original summary and explanation

This article provides an overview of Old Testament covenants and will be helpful for my essay by giving connections between what the covenants were, and how God used them to give hope to his people throughout the Old Testament. In addition to providing overview content, the article includes specific content about how the Davidic covenant connects to previous promises God made to his people.

Complete the worksheet below with at least six scholarly sources from the GCU Library.

For each resource list the following:

1 & 2. GCU Style reference followed by the permalink.

  1. Two to four sentences you write yourself describing the article and how it will be helpful for your essay.

Resource One

1 & 2.

Resource Two

1 & 2.

Resource Three

1 & 2.

Resource Four

1 & 2.

Resource Five

1 & 2.

Resource Six

1 & 2.

Additional Resources

1 & 2.

Course: BIB-107 New Testament Survey
School: Grand Canyon University

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