MGT-455 Topic 2 Chapter 3 Problem Set Assignment

Chapter 3 Problem Set 

Complete problems 3.11, 3.17 in the textbook.

Submit one Excel file.  Put each problem result on a separate sheet in your file.  Ensure that your last name is in your filename.

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Problem 3.11

The following is a table of activities associated with a project at Rafay Ishfaq’s software firm in Chicago, their durations, and what activities each must precede:

A (start) 1 B, C
B 1 E
C 4 F
E 2 F
F (end) 2

a) Draw an AON diagram of the project, including activity durations.

b) Define the critical path, listing all critical activities in chronological order.

c) What is the project duration (in weeks)?

d) What is the slack (in weeks) associated with any and all non-critical through the project.

Problem 3.17

Ross Hopkins, president of Hopkins Hospitality, has developed the tasks, durations, and predecessor relationships in the following table for building new motels. Draw the AON network and answer the questions that follow.

A 4 8 10
B A 2 8 24
C A 8 12 16
D A 4 6 10
E B 1 2 3
F E, C 6 8 20
G E, C 2 3 4
H F 2 2 2
I F 6 6 6
J D, G, H 4 6 12
K I, J 2 2 3

a) What is the expected (estimated) time for activity C?

b) What is the variance for activity C ?

c) Based on the calculation of estimated times, what is the critical path?

d) What is the estimated time of the critical path?

e) What is the activity variance along the critical path?

f) What is the probability of completion of the project before week 36?


Course: MGT-455 Production/Operations Management
School: Grand Canyon University

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