UNV-505 Topic 3 GCU Doctrinal Statement Quiz

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  1. Traditionally, the Christian worldview has insisted that God:
  2. God is revered as the mighty Maker of heaven and earth because:
  3. Which of the following occurrences demonstrated that Jesus was fully God?
  4. The teaching that Jesus became truly human signifies that:
  5. Which of the following statements best describes the present moral condition of humans apart from Jesus Christ?

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  1. Although Christians recognize other sources of knowledge as the word of God, the Bible is:
  2. The suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross is most adequately understood as:
  3. What is the proper manner of spiritual and societal engagement by the Church?
  4. The Bible’s contents are:
  5. What enables Christians to live a godly life?
  6. After a human being dies physically:
  7. Jesus Christ was:
  8. Christians may accurately be described as:
  9. God is:
  10. God will declare sinners to be righteous at the final judgment if:
  11. The Holy Spirit is:
  12. Jesus is most adequately described as:
  13. Regeneration (the new birth) is:
  14. Human beings are:
  15. Which of the following are considered necessary expressions of the doctrines of God and humanity, love for neighbors, and obedience to Jesus Christ?
  16. Sinners remain hostile to God apart from a work of God by which one’s sinful nature is radically changed, therefore:
  17. Central to the Christian conception of God is the notion that God:
  18. God provided salvation to sinners by:
  19. What does the teaching that “the Bible is inspired” mean?
  20. Jesus died on the cross and was buried by his earliest followers, but:
  21. God will save:
  22. An inherited sinful nature is basically:
  23. The Bible is most adequately described as:
  24. For what major purpose did Jesus come down from heaven?
  25. The return of Jesus Christ to the world will involve:

Course: UNV-505 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Ministry and Theology
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 01/03/2020
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