MGT-420 Week 2 Quiz 1 Weber’s bureaucracy includes all but which of these

MGT-420 Week 2 Quiz 1 Weber’s bureaucracy includes all but which of these

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  1. Weber’s bureaucracy includes all but which of these?
  • Division of labor
  • Formal rules and procedures
  • Employees’ personal needs
  • Careers based on merit
  1. KPMG’s practice that focuses on helping executives identify threats to their firm and manage them is known as __________.
  • operational risk
  • enterprise risk management
  • strategic management
  • uncertainty avoidance management
  • reputation risk management
  1. According to a survey done by FDS International of the United Kingdom, the country with best overall employee morale is ___________.
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  1. A culture that includes nonverbal signals and context when interpreting communication is classified as a(n) __________.
  • individualistic culture
  • high-context culture
  • collectivistic culture
  • low-context culture
  1. Which management researcher is considered as a prophet of today’s management style?
  • Taylor
  • Weber
  • Follett
  • Maslow
  1. All of the following are examples of organizations EXCEPT:
  • small and large businesses
  • religious bodies
  • voluntary organization
  • a government representative
  • hospital
  1. The _________ process involves individuals being influenced by others.
  • influencing
  • managerial
  • leadership
  • delegation
  • control
  1. Of the following, which is NOT one of the six “must have” managerial skills?
  • Self-management
  • Critical thinking
  • Professionalism
  • Expressiveness
  1. The increase in teamwork today is a function of all of the following EXCEPT:
  • management’s dislike for individual contributors.
  • organizations can no longer rely on just managers for leadership.
  • leadership is valued by all members.
  • people are valuable human assets.
  • work is increasingly focused on peer contributions.
  1. Sara, the director of human resources at Worldwide Products Inc., is continually in the process of training managers on anti-discriminatory practices and establishing an inclusive diverse environment at the company. Sara is __________.
  • Discriminating
  • Managing diversity
  • Valuing management
  • Managing biculturalism

Course: MGT-420 Organizational Behavior and Management
School: Grand Canyon University

  • : 30/11/2019
  • : 20

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