PSY-470 Topic 3 Quiz Sarah brings her young daughter into the emergency room with internal bleeding

  1. If you were treated with ECT you would experience a(n)
  2. Sarah brings her young daughter into the emergency room with internal bleeding. The attending physician later concludes that Sarah caused the symptoms in her daughter intentionally, to bring her to a doctor’s attention. If this assessment is true, Sarah would be diagnosed as having:
  3. All of the following disorders have somatic symptoms proven to be linked to psychological factors EXCEPT:
  4. A state of breathless euphoria, or frenzied energy, in which people have an exaggerated belief in their power describes:

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  5. An individual receiving a treatment for depression is happier because of higher levels of norepinephrine in his or her brain. What treatment is this person receiving?
  6. A woman complains of an assortment of physiological ailments. You think that she is intentionally producing the physical symptoms in order to gain attention. You think that the ailment fills some psychological need. You would diagnose:
  7. Recent research indicates that all of the following brain structures or regions are part of the brain circuit involved in unipolar depression, EXCEPT:
  8. A depressed person who is confused, unable to remember things, and unable to solve problems is suffering from ________symptoms.
  9. _______is a treatment in which a pulse generator is placed inside the chest through which the brain is stimulated.
  10. To receive a diagnosis of dysthymic disorder, an individual must have experienced symptoms for at least:

Course: PSY-470 Abnormal Psychology
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 20/10/2019
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