PSY-470 Topic 2 Quiz A person who is restless, keyed up, and on edge for no apparent reason is experiencing

  1. Someone who made sure he had his passport, airplane ticket, and hotel reservation form exactly every 5 minutes for an entire day is exhibiting a(n):
  2. A person who is restless, keyed up, and on edge for no apparent reason is experiencing:
  3. Binet and Simon are known for their work in creating a(n):
  4. In response to a threat, we perspire, breathe more quickly, get goose bumps, and feel nauseated. These responses are controlled by which nervous system?

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  1. Which of the following accurately describes the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal pathway of the stress response?
  2. A clinician has developed a test that requires test takers to tell stories about a series of pictures of city skylines. Most likely, this new test is a
  3. A client is hooked up to an apparatus that measures galvanic skin response and blood pressure, after which the client verbally answers a series of questions. The type of clinical test being used is:
  4. Raphael was just outside the parking garage of the World Trade Center when the explosion occurred. At the time, he was terrified and had visions of the building falling on him. Ever since the bombing he has had periods of anxiety and sleeplessness. This is an example of a:
  5. Someone interested in the effects of social change, poverty, and race on the risk for generalized anxiety disorders probably represents the ________perspective.
  6. The test that reports one’s results on clinical scales such as “hypochondriasis” (HS) and “Psychopathic deviate” (PD) is the:

Course: PSY-470 Abnormal Psychology
School: Grand Canyon University

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