PSY-470 Week 1 Quiz 1 What is abnormal psychology as defined by Comer (2014)?

  1. What is abnormal psychology as defined by Comer (2014)?
  2. Clinical theorist Jerome Frank would say that all forms of therapy include all of the following except A:
  1. The form of correlational research that seeks to find out how many new cases of a disorder occur in a group in a given time period is termed:
  1. Imagine that you subscribe to the sociocultural model of abnormality. Which of the following would be a part of your paradigm?

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  1. What we would call “conscience” is most like what Freud would call the:
  2. Who taught that illness had “natural causes”? He saw abnormal behaviors as a disease that manifested from internal physical problems.
  3. A therapist listens carefully to a client’s words, then attempts to show accurate empathy and genuineness. The hope is that the client will self-examine with acceptance and honesty. Most likely, the therapist is:
  4. A researcher selected a group of 10 men and a group of 10 women to study some gender differences, and treated them exactly the same. Each participant was given a test of psychological function. This study is an example of:
  5. In a scientific experiment, the variable manipulated or controlled by the experimenter is called the:
  6. A person who is withdrawn, loses his or her job and left their family, BEST fits which of the following definitions of abnormality?

Course: PSY-470 Abnormal Psychology
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