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  1. Evaluate the statements “birds of a feather flock together” and “opposites attract” based on research examining the influence of similarity versus complementarily on relationship formation.
  2. Caryl Rusbult’s investment model of commitment holds that three factors determine how committed people will be to their relationship. These factors are
  3. If the need to belong is universal, then this need should occur in
  4. The strongest support for the claim that we have a need to belong comes from the finding that

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  1. Janet often encounters John at school. Because of this, they end up becoming friends. This scenario illustrates how ________ influences interpersonal attraction.
  2. Research on stereotype threat has shown that female students performed
  3. Which of the following scenarios is most consistent with the predictions of social identity theory?
  4. Give a real-world example of ethnocentrism and describe how it affects behavior toward ingroup and outgroup members.
  5. Which of the following real-world examples is most consistent with the predictions of realistic group conflict theory?
  6. Which of the following pieces of evidence supports Alice Eagly and Wendy Wood’s perspective that gender differences in mate preferences are driven by culture rather than evolution?
  7. Research on the principle of paired distinctiveness has shown that people tend to ________ how often a negative behavior is performed by members of a minority group and ________ how often a negative behavior is performed by members of a majority group.
  8. Describe three pieces of evidence that support the proposition that the need to belong is a fundamental need in humans.
  9. Shira comes home from work and tells her husband that she just got promoted. Her husband responds with enthusiasm and asks her questions about her new position. Shira’s husband’s behavior is an example of
  10. ________ is the rule and ________ is the exception where the formation of relationships is concerned.
  11. When is Kyle, a so-called morning person, more likely to use stereotypes when forming judgments of others?
  12. Surveys of participants in the Seeds of Peace program, which brings together Israeli and Palestinian teenagers for a three-week summer camp experience, showed that participation in the program led to more favorable intergroup attitudes. Nine months after the program, these attitudes
  13. Peggy is a generally neurotic person. According to research discussed in the textbook, Peggy is particularly
  14. Sarah took the implicit association test (IAT) and found that she responded faster when “strong” words were paired with male names, compared with when “strong” words were paired with female names. What does this finding suggest?
  15. Consider the following quote from the work of the social psychologist Dan Gilbert: “Stereotypic beliefs about women’s roles, for example, may enable one to see correctly that a woman in a dark room is threading a needle rather than tying a fishing lure, but they may also cause one to mistakenly assume that her goal is embroidery rather than cardiac surgery.” This quote illustrates the fact that
  16. Bill’s belief that all African Americans are good at sports exemplifies ________. Bill’s refusal to hire African Americans exemplifies ________.
  17. Define and distinguish between stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. Give an example of a situation in which these three processes might NOT co-occur.
  18. Larry suspects that his girlfriend wants to break up with him. Being a rather mean-spirited fellow, Larry tells his girlfriend that if she breaks up with him, she will be alone and will never find another boyfriend. To manipulate his girlfriend, Larry is drawing his girlfriend’s attention to the ________ component of Caryl Rusbult’s investment model of commitment.
  19. Vivica finds Dion physically attractive. Judging from his appearance, she assumes that he is also outgoing and honest. Vivica is displaying the
  20. In experiments employing the minimal group paradigm, a majority of participants are more interested in maximizing their ________ than in maximizing their ________.
  21. In experiments employing the minimal group paradigm, a majority of participants are more interested in maximizing their ________ than in maximizing their ________.

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