History Assignment Shooting of an Elephant

For your paper you will analyze the essay below, by British author George Orwell, who served in the colonial police force in Burma.   Your paper will answer the question:

Did Orwell’s experience in the colonies reflect the imperialist principles that Karl Pearson promoted?  Why or why not?

Remember that a good essay needs an introduction that states your thesis plainly and explains what the main points of your paper will be.  Each paragraph in your paper needs to make one point in support of your thesis and cite evidence from the texts you’re analyzing in support of your point.  Finally, you will need a conclusion that reminds the reader of your thesis and of the main points that you used to support it.

Your paper should be three pages, double spaced, 12 point type and 1-inch margins.

You may cite the documents and the textbook in parentheses in your essay:  for instance (Orwell, line 30) or (Levack, et al., 680).  This assignment does not require you to do outside research, and no amount of outside research will substitute for your engagement with the documents.  If you do draw on outside material, you will need to cite it parenthetically and include a “works cited” page as well.

Reference Article: http://orwell.ru/library/articles/elephant/english/e_eleph

Course: HIS 102

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