PSY 1462 Week 7 Paper Find a peer reviewed journal article on the impact of substance use or abuse

PSY 1462 Week 7 Paper Substance Abuse

Find a peer-reviewed journal article on the impact of substance use or abuse

  • Access the Evans Library ( as a resource or go to a local hospital or clinic and ask if they have a medical library you can use to look up an article
  • Read the article and write a reaction paper using APA citations and a reference page.  No cover page is necessary.  Each paper must be two pages long (acceptable if a bit longer). While you must follow APA format, your paper does not require an abstract. Please understand that following APA format in terms of margins, font, citing, referencing, quoting, and the like, is very important and makes up a good portion of your paper’s grade. In addition to the APA Guide, the following website should prove valuable to you when writing this paper:
  • Your reaction paper should include a brief summary of the article and your thoughts on the subject.  You many answer questions like:  Do you agree with the article?  Does it spark new thoughts?  What are the implications of the research?  What other research might be needed to support (or debunk) the information presented in the article? Etc.
  • Click the Submit Assignment button to submit your work to Turnitin
  • Please review the university’s policy on plagiarism prior to submission. Submissions found to be plagiarized will receive a zero on the assignment. Students discovered plagiarizing may be given an F for the class
  • This assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET
  • See rubric for grading guidelines
  • Worth 50 points

Course: PSY 1462 Substance Abuse
School: Florida Institute of Technology

  • 22/04/2017
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