BHS-320 Week 3 Ethical Decision Making Outline and Resources Assignment

For this course you will do the following:

Write a 1,000-1250-word paper in which you create an ethical dilemma that you could reasonably assume you might encounter in the population with which you plan to work.

The final draft of the essay is due in Topic 5. For this topic, you will create an outline and gather resources to use for your essay.

For this topic complete the following:

Ethical Decision-Making Essay: Outline and Gathering Resources Worksheet

Topic 3: Ethical Decision-Making Essay: Outline and Gathering Resources Worksheet

Part 1: Outline

Assignment Directions:

  1. Create an ethical dilemma scenario that you will use in the Ethical Decision-Making Essay.
  2. Create an outline below for the Ethical Decision-Making Essay that is due in Topic 5.

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Part 2: Gathering Resources

Assignment Directions:

Use the GCU elibrary to find three sources to use in your Ethical Decision-Making Essay. Fill out the requested information in the table below about your sources.

  Article 1 Article 2 Article 3
Title and Author(s)
Permalink (GCU Library permanent link)
Write a 50-word response to the following question:

How is this source relevant to your paper?

APA 6th Edition Reference and Citation

Course: BHS-320 Ethics of Behavioral Health Science
School: Grand Canyon University

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