POSC 107 Week 2 Research Assignment #2 Database Search and Summarizing Results in a Short Essay

POSC 107 Week 2 Research Assignment #2 Database Search and Summarizing Results in a Short Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to explore a new question utilizing a library database and to report your findings in a summary with parenthetical in-text references, followed by a non-annotated bibliography.

You’ll be assigned to represent a particular country in a UN Security Council Simulation on the Syrian War. Your assignment is to figure out your country’s position on whether and how the international community should intervene to alleviate the conflict. This requires that you research the positions your country has taken on the conflict in the past. Does your country prefer the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, remain in power or step down? Does your country want to stage a military intervention? Send support to Syrian opposition groups? What about placing economic sanctions or an arms embargo on the Syrian government? Perhaps your country is interested only in weeding out any terrorist groups from the territory. Countries have discussed a multitude of policy options at the Security Council and elsewhere since the war began. You may need to search over a broad timespan to find the information you are looking for.

Again, once you’ve run some good searches, pick at least five that you will read and use in your assignment.  Keep reading until you feel like you have a general sense of the major developments and you have an argument or a thesisabout your country’s position on the conflict in Syria. Then, write up a brief summary of your findings, which can be as long as a page or two (double-spaced). Start with a thesis statementfirst, and then add additional arguments and details in the subsequent text. As you write, try to incorporate specific facts, arguments or claims from your articles, and every time you do so, provide a parenthetical citationto the article from which you got that information. Every time you use a fact, or an argument, or a claim, from another source, you should cite that source at the end of the appropriate sentence, as follows: 

The United Kingdom has advocated for military intervention and the removal of Syria’s president in the United Nations Security Council (Williams, 2014).

Please note that if you draw on facts, ideas or arguments from other sources without citing them, that is likely to be considered plagiarism, which is a serious violation of academic standard, so cite fairly and liberally to your sources in your essay.

At the end of your essay, skip a line, type a boldfaced heading called References, skip another line, and provide a non-annotated bibliographyof all your cited references, in author-date format and in alphabetical order. Make sure that your in-text references and your bibliographic references at the end match up: that is, that every in-text reference appears in the bibliography, and that every entry in the bibliography is cited in the text.

You will be graded on having a clear thesis statement, developing an accurate, evidence-based country position, and utilizing appropriate in-text and bibliographical citations.

Course: POSC 107 Introdiction to International Relations
School: Towson University

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