EBA 4498 Strategic Management Assessment Case Under Armour Final Paper.


The final Under Armour case is a chance for you to apply all the analytical skills and problem-solving methods you have learned throughout the term.

You have been steadily applying the strategic lenses in the book to deepen your understanding of two important companies, Tesla and Tata Motors, and the industries in which they operate. The group project has given you a chance to work together to apply those same analytical techniques to another company and industry. Now you have a chance to demonstrate your individual mastery of these techniques.

For this assignment you will utilize your academic experience and good judgment to decide which analytical techniques to use. One recommendation might be to try to use at least one concept from each chapter of the book to illuminate the situation. Recommendations for the CEO are always important. You may wish to review the instructions for the group case to refresh your memory regarding the analytical methods that are deemed important and the importance of options and recommendations.

Submitting Your Report

  • Paper should be 8-10 pages long.
  • Your paper submissions are integrated into Turnitin so please be careful with your use of sources

Course: EBA 4498 Strategic Management
School: Florida Institute of Technology

  • 03/03/2017
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