MBA 635 Ethics Discussion Question Model Seven Employees as Stakeholders

After reading the material in the textbook on the five generations in today’s workforce, determine which generation you most identify with and state your reasons. What has been your experience (e.g., advantages, challenges, and differences in point of view or approaching a task) in working with members of the other generations identified in the textbook? This experience can be professional, personal, or academic. What steps could an organizational leader take to integrate a multigenerational, diverse workforce into the corporate culture? Use citations and references in APA style to support your response.

In response to your classmates’ posts, comment on best practices to enhance the employee stakeholder experience

Textbook: Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach, Chapter 7 (overview through Section 7.3)

This chapter reviews characteristics and diversity issues about today’s workforce and explores how these characteristics and issues affect the corporation’s ethical responsibilities and leadership practices. Motivation and engagement elements are unique for the different groups encompassing the employee stakeholders. The chapter explores the changing nature of the employer-employee social and psychological contract; the boundaries of employee loyalty; the facets of generational wants and needs; and employee and employer rights and responsibilities. Students will use this material for the discussion and to support their research for Milestone Four.

Course: MBA 635 – Ethics, Corporate Culture and Social Responsibility
School: Southern New Hampshire University

  • 02/03/2017
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