Analyze one of your own attitudes/biases using one or more theoretical perspectives presented in the chapter. For example, you might differentiate implicit versus explicit attitudes, point out how self-perception theory explains attitude formation, appraise attitude change using cognitive dissonance, or diagram a model to predict behavior using the theory of planned behavior. Be sure to identify thoughts about and feelings toward the target of your attitude, as well as behavioral tendencies.

Illustrate the following in your analysis:

  • Why do you hold this attitude?
  • How did it develop?
  • Has it changed over time? Why or why not? Do you expect it to change in the future?
  • What are some of the social factors that influence this attitude?
  • To what extent does this attitude impact your behavior?
  • How can understanding the “why” of differing attitudes between diverse populations help us to grow as people?

Post your initial response of 250 words or more

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