MGMT 5123 Week 5 Bond and Stock Analysis Individual Assignment

  1. Explain the connection between Stockholder Wealth Maximization, Risk-Return Relationship and Agency Theory in analyzing the firm.
  2. What is the importance of interest rates in both Bond and Stock Analyses?
  3. Define the following terms: Coupon Rate, Current Rate, and Yield-to-Maturity.
  4. Does a Zero Coupon Bond pay semi-annual/annual interest to its bondholders? Explain. How is its value determined?
  5. What is the Efficient Markets Hypothesis in determining stock prices?
  6. What is the Behavioral View in determining stock prices? Who is Daniel Kahneman?
  7. Can macroeconomic, political and social events affect the stock and bond markets? If so, how? (Hint: Think about the not-too-recent event of Greece and its bonds?
  8. Discuss the role of business ethics in valuing the firm. Should ethics matter in the firm’s valuation? Why or why not? Give examples. (Yes, there is a correct answer: Ethics are actions that generate trust. Bravo!)

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Directions: Type your answers to the essay questions below in a Word document and send in through the designated drop box. In order to completely answer each question most will require AT LEAST one to two paragraphs. Each paragraph should consist of AT LEAST three to five sentences.

Answers to the questions will be accessed for grammatical errors. Answer each question individually and number your answers. There is no need for an introduction and/or a conclusion. The length of your answer is not nearly as important as the content. Before submitting your paper make sure you have thoroughly answered each question that was asked.

The assignments specify that you should use APA style. The following are some tips:

  • All work in APA style is to be typed in 12 Point type size and Times New Roman font.
  • Type your answers in paragraph form and intent the first sentence of each paragraph five spaces.
  • Use a Title page.
  • Any references should have in-text citations within the text and be listed in alphabetical order on a separate reference page at the end. Keep in mind that it is not a research paper. You should be able to find a lot of information in our textbook that will help you. 1. Define the Risk-Return Relationship and Agency Theory.

Course: MGMT 5123 Finance & Accounting for Non Finance Managers
School: Southern Wesleyan University

  • 09/10/2017
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