HRM/548 Week 4 Top Performers Case Study Team Assignment

Resource: Strategic Staffing, Ch. 11

Read the opening vignette in Ch. 11, “Hiring Top Performers at MarineMax” on page 304 in Strategic Staffing, Ch. 11.

Answer the following in 350 to 525 words:

  • Do you think it is ethical for MarineMax to give different new hires for the same job different amounts of pay and benefits? 
  • Should MarineMax use a low, competitive, or high job offer? Why?
  • Should the company present a maximum job offer or leave room to negotiate? Why?
  • What can MarineMax do to increase the likelihood that the top sales candidates it recruits will accept its job offers?

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Course: HRM/548 Recruitment and Retention Practices
School: University of Phoenix

  • 17/06/2018
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