MGMT 5823 Week 4 Session Four Strategy Map Individual Assignment

MGMT 5823 Week 4 Session Four Strategy Map Individual Assignment

Session Four Strategy Map 

Each student will continue the strategy development (formulation) process with review of the articles and videos on Strategy Mapping.

The paper should continue with the addition of:

  • A Strategy Bubble Map that includes the perspectives of People, Process, Customer, and Finance and the strategic themes (3) of the organization.


The next step in your capstone project is to take the SWOT analysis that you did and develop a strategy map. Your strategy map should look like this example. You may use this blank template.

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What you will be including on the strategy map is:

  • There will be two axis (if you will) on the map. The perspectives on the vertical and the strategic themes on the horizontal.
  • You will have 3 strategic themes. Service excellence, operational excellence, and product excellence or clinical excellences are recommended. If you have another you wish to use, email your instructor.
  • Across the top for your column headings, the 3 strategic themes. You can use your primary value discipline as the first one, and if you are not sure what else you want to use, you may use 2 of those from your last learning team assignment.
  • Down the side for your row headings, use Kaplan-Norton’s 4 perspectives in the order as they are on the strategy map that I gave you (or justify if you have found an order you like better, just explain it using your source).
  • You will have 1-2 strategic objectives that you type in your bubbles for each block.
  • You may have up to 3 for the process row. Don’t try to write a whole sentence, you will only be able to get a few words in those blocks, see my example.
  • For your strategic theme columns, the most important element is that what your people strategic objective supports and helps build your process strategic objectives and the two come together to produce your customer strategic objective (outcome) and your financial strategic objective (outcome)….follow Kaplan-Norton cause-effect is building logic.

Refer to the video clip and go by the Southwestern example.

You will include the Strategy Map (bubble map) in your paper or in an appendix to the paper, then add
A narrative description of each strategic theme and how meeting people objectives will support meeting process objectives; how meeting people and process objectives will support meeting customer/market objectives; and how meeting customer/market objectives will lead to increased loyalty, increased repeat business, increased new business and increased revenue.

Biblical perspective and Conclusion

Requirements for the Paper include:

A formal paper in APA format, 3 to 5 pages in length, with at least 3-5 quality references. See grading rubric Appendix G.

Course: MGMT 5823 Integrated Studies in Management
School: Southern Wesleyan University

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