MGMT 5823 Week 3 Balanced SWOT Analysis on People, Process, Customer and Finance and Individual Assignment

MGMT 5823 Week 3 Session Three SWOT Assessment Individual Assignment

Each student is required to continue the development of their final paper, based on research, to conduct an internal and external SWOT Assessment using the four BSC perspectives of People, Process, Customer and Finance based on the template provided before. The analysis is similar to the type of evaluation the team performed during the last LEARNING GROUP ACTIVITY but applied to the organization you have selected for the research report.

Balanced SWOT Analysis on People, Process, Customer and Finance and Individual Paper

It is important to find evidence to the information used for this analysis by analyzing the following sources:

  1. Industry studies about the firm from specific databases for this purpose at the SWU online Library (please work with Heather Gray, our Online Reference Librarian; see her previous announcement).
  2. The most recent Annual Reports.
  3. Company information online (use official web pages)
  4. Information about the competition
  5. External trends from online sources and academic studies
  6. Peer-reviewed studies (journal articles) about the company, industry, competition, line of products and services, and new trends.
  7. Current articles published by newspapers or trade magazines.

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Don’t forget to cite and list sources. Always paraphrase (using your own words) sources and cite. Reserve to one or two direct quotations when a main definition is needed.

Requirements for the paper include:

A formal paper in APA format; 3 to 5 pages in length; with at least 4-5 scholarly references. See Appendix E for grading rubric.

Course: MGMT 5823 Integrated Studies in Management
School: Southern Wesleyan University


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