MGMT 5823 Week 1 Learning Team Assignment: Complete Exercise 2B using the 6 companies presented and add your companies  that you have selected for your final capstone project

Each student is required to actively participate with his/her learning team in assigned team exercises. The faculty will assign each student into a learning team for the purpose of these exercises by Monday night of the first week. You should make contact and introduce yourself to your learning team early in the week. Use your learning team group page to connect with each other, share files, and build your presentations.

Each student is expected to engage in these assignments, which may involve surveys of the team members and discussions, which will be documented in specified team discussion forums. Each student is expected to contribute to the learning team final product through completion of a part of the assignment, cross-review, and input into and approval of the final draft as an integrated product. See grading rubric below.

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Session 1 Learning Team Assignment

Evaluate Mission Statements (Session 1) Complete Exercise 2B using the 6 companies presented and add your companies that you have selected for your final capstone project. Follow the instructions preparing a matrix and completing an evaluation of these mission statements. Evaluate each organization critically. Be objective, either they clearly meet the requirements or they do not. Do not make assumptions or read into what is not there. Upload your matrix presentation in Canvas. The presentation slides should include voice-over recordings from each member.

Course: MGMT 5823 Integrated Studies in Management
School: Southern Wesleyan University

  • 30/06/2018
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