Session Six: Discussion Forum 1: Organized Labor

Assuming that you are representing union members from either a German or Mexican company that recently entered into an international joint venture with each other. The new business is to be located in Mexico and the union workers, all line supervisors from both companies will be working together in Mexico.

  • What are at least 6 major points regarding union representation, bargaining,rights, and worker participation in management should be considered in the labor agreement? Read Chapter 10, particularly the Comparative Management in Focus: Labor relations in Germany and also the Comparative Management in Focus: Motivation in Mexico (found in Chapter 11).
  • What are some applicable biblical principles in this situation?

Session Six: Discussion Forum 2: Motivation

What are some of the current motivational challenges facing international business managers?

What does current cross-cultural research on motivation suggest?  In Chapter 11 of the text, leadership in a digital world is also discussed. How is this likely to change / develop over the next few years?

As Christian business professionals, what faith implications are relevant to this topic?

  • 13/06/2018
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