The final paper is due in Session Six of the course. For each of Session Two to Five of the course, the student is expected to submit a 1- 2 page outline for every section of the paper (each of these sections will be 3 to 4 pages in length for the completed research paper). Each of these must be in APA format along with a reference page with at least 3 references:


 Session Five: There are 2 major sections:

  1. Strategic Alliances

  • Identification of a company to formalize an alliance with and the structure that the alliance will take.
  • Based on research on the Internet and what has been studied, what company would make a good strategic partner for the chosen industry/company?
  • What type of strategic alliance (joint venture, equity, non-equity, etc.) would make the most sense and why?
  • Based on their culture and company, what will a possible organizational structure be like?

  2. Recommendations/ Next Steps


Read the instructions for the Research Project/ Paper carefully. It is found in the Assignment section and also below:


Research Paper/ Project – 25%

 There are two components to this comprehensive project – an Individual Research Paper and a Learning Team Presentation. The objectives of this research project are to help students develop knowledge and also practical applications in regard to the process of operating and managing an international business within the varying national and regional environments; while controlling for risk factors.


Four regional global blocks have been identified for this project – The European Union, The Far East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and South America.

During Session One, each team will choose one of the global regions below for the Team’s Project Component. Each team member will then select a country from within that block for his/her Individual Research paper/ project.


European Union

Southeast Asia (ASEAN countries)

Asia (China, India, Philippines, Japan etc.)

South America

Central America & Caribbean


The Research Project and Paper will be in two parts – an Individual research paper and drafts (250 points), and a Learning Team (or Individual) Presentation (100 points).

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