PCN-521 Week 3 Model Matrix: Bowen (Obj. 3.1) Assignment Complete the Bowen section in the “Model Matrix” worksheet

PCN-521 Week 3 Model Matrix: Bowen (Obj. 3.1) Assignment

Complete the Bowen section in the “Model Matrix” worksheet.

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PCN-521 Model Matrix

Directions: Below is a matrix you will use throughout this course to gather and organize information. It is suggested you save this document for future use as it will be a helpful study guide in preparation for your licensure exam.

CBT Psychoanalytic Bowen Structural Strategic Experiential Solution-focused Narrative Feminist
Key Figures Ivan Pavlov, Watson, Thorndike, B.F. Skinner, and Bandura
Key Techniques Downward Arrow, ABCs, match thoughts to feelings, replace unhelpful thoughts with useful thoughts, replace negative self-talk, and explore alternate schemas
How do problems arise and persist? Recurring faulty cognitions result in problematic response patterns
Therapy Objectives To modify specific patterns of thinking / behaviors and to alleviate the presenting symptoms
How does change occur? Changed beliefs lead to changed behaviors

Change occurs when contingencies of reinforcement are altered

Therapist Role Ask questions to challenge assumptions rather than directly challenging

Teach family that emotional problems are caused by unrealistic beliefs

Course: PCN 521 Marriage and Family Therapy
School: Grand Canyon University

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