Session Three: Discussion Forum 1 – Cross Cultural Negotiation


Session 3 – Discussion  Forum 1 – Cross Cultural Negotiation

Watch the following video on Cross cultural negotiation and address the following question:

  • what factors should be considered when negotiating cross culturally?

Culturally based value systems influence the negotiation process. Discuss the following using your selection of country (for your research project as a basis) comparing the American process:

  1. explain the role and relative importance of relationship building.
  2. what are the styles and tactics involved.
  3. the use of nonverbal behaviors.

Cross-cultural negotiations: Avoiding the pitfalls (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Session Three: Discussion Forum 2 – Formulating Strategy


Session 3: Discussion Forum 1 – Formulating Strategy

Ch. 6 of the text discussed regionalization / localization. What does this mean? How will technology advances impact this area? What direction do you see localization / regionalization taking in the future? What implications are there for individuals of faith – both locally and abroad?

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