ENGL 283 Week 11 The literary Journalistic Essay

The literary journalistic essay

This piece should approach the creative nonfiction genre and its subtype known as the literary journalistic essay. Think about something creative you’ve read in the newspaper or on a Web site. Remember the immersion technique as well. This is how you need to approach it. This essay will require research. With literary journalism, you have to be very, very careful to not cross the memoir/personal essay line. Keep the “I” out of the piece as much as possible (even until it is nearly non-existent), but be sure to use the “eye” to write a clear, concise, and coherent essay.

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This piece can be any of the topics listed below. Remember to consider the notes in regard to tips, techniques, and tricks, and remember immersion, composite characters and such.

  • Write a piece about the town in which you grew up.
  • Write a piece about your favorite (or least favorite) restaurant.
  • Write a piece about a bug or bee or flower or instrument or…(you get the idea).
  • Write a piece about something that you are a master of.

Word Limit: 800 Words in APA Format

Course: ENGL 283 Introduction To Creative Writing
School: Towson University

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