BUSX 301 Week 4 Assignment: Wake Partners is an investment firm specializing in mutual funds. At the end of the next quarter, Wake partners plans to offer its clients a new fund

THE SITUATION (UnitedHealth Group)

Wake Partners is an investment firm specializing in mutual funds.  At the end of the next quarter, Wake partners plans to offer its clients a new fund.


Your audience is Avery Polk.  He’s a senior analyst with Wake Partners, and Onslow Nash, the company’s CEO, has asked Avery to select stocks for the company’s new fund. To make his decision, Avery needs information about the stocks he’s considering, and he’s asked several junior analysts to provide that information.

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You are a junior analyst with Wake Partners.


Avery has asked you to gather information about a specific stock.  (Please note: your instructor will assign the stock you need to research.) You’ll need to provide information that answers the following two questions:

  1. How has the stock performed during the last year? Get the stock’s closing price for today, six months earlier, and a year ago. You may want to visit www.finance.yahoo.com to gather this information.
  2. What has the CEO said about the company’s performance and its stock in the most recent “Letter to Shareholders”? You should be able to find this information by going to the company’s Web site, selecting the “investor relations” section, and selecting the most recent annual report.

Don’t make a recommendation about whether Avery should include this stock in the new fund; simply convey the information requested.

Because you are writing an informative message, you’ll want to consider organizing your document this way:

Start with an opening that considers the context and incorporates that context into a launch that includes the bottom line.  Follow the bottom line and launch with appropriate details, explanations and clarifications.  Finally, end the message with a positive forward-looking close.


  • Clarify your purpose
  • Synthesize the information in a memo addressed to Avery.
  • Consider options for an effective layout.

Course: BUSX 301 Business Communications
School: Towson University

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