CIT-125 Week 2 Reflections on the Reading: What are some human factors to consider when building a Website

This week you will be reviewing chapter 1 and reading chapter 3 in your book. When you have completed your readings, respond to each of these questions with brief, succinct, well thought out, and factual reflections. You should not express your personal opinion, but reflect the details of the readings and any Internet or library research you do.  If you copy and paste from a source, you must use direct quotes; however, direct quotes should be used SPARINGLY, if at all.  Paraphrase instead.  Be sure to cite your sources using APA style, even when you paraphrase.  Check your work closely for errors in spelling and grammar.

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Save your work and post it in the discussion board. 

  1. What are some human factors to consider when building a Web site?
  2. What are some technical factors to consider when building a Web site?
  3. What design guidelines will you follow to ensure compatibility in your website?
  4. How does a grid layout enhance a Web Design?
  5. What is the main purpose of usability within a web site, and how does it relate to your target audience?

Also, we will be putting together some planning and requirements gathering documents for this week’s assignment. This is a critical component to the design of a webpage that meets both customer and employee needs. Check out your first assignment in the assignments section on the left handnav menu for the class.

Course: CIT-125 Web Development
School: Community College of Alleghany County

  • 12/02/2018
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