BUSX 301 Week 5 Assignment Article Review from a current Gerontology related article pertaining to a Legislative Proposal

Each student will be required to do an article review from a current gerontology related article (not more than 3 years old) pertaining to a legislative proposal, policy or act which has passed or failed, Examples included but are not limited to senior housing, LBGT rights for the elderly or any other policy/act which has a direct impact on the lives of the elderly.

The article review shall be no less than 900 words and no more than 1000 words.

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The article review will include a brief summation of the article and also include the student’s own perspective on why they agree/disagree with the article while utilizing 2 peer reviewed journal articles to support your stance.

On the date that the articles are collected, each student will give a 1-2 minutes brief overview of their article and why they agreed or disagreed with the articles subject matter.

Students will be graded on their grammar, writing skills, proper adherence to use of journal articles, persuasive argument on agreement/disagreement of the articles subject matter and their brief oral presentation of their work.

APA formatting is required title page, reference page and in-text citations required.

Course: BUSX 301 Business Communications
School: Towson University



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