MADS 6612 Week 1 Strategic Management Project One Page Proposal

Depending on where the student is in his or her organization, the paper can focus on different planning aspects.  For example, a student who is at a front-line level of the organization may not have access to strategic planning information, but that individual might be able to assess an operational plan that is in place.  In some cases, these individuals might be able to develop a plan for a specific operation.  If an individual is higher in the organization, he or she might be able to assess a strategic plan that the company has completed.  There may be some students who are in a position to develop a strategic plan for their organization.  Some students might use this class exercise to develop an operational or strategic plan for an organization with which they are affiliated, such as a civic or religious group.  If students are not able to do any of the above, they can develop an operational plan for getting a job or a strategic plan for their career.

The student will submit a one-page proposal on their projects.

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Course: MADS 6612 Seminar Strategic Management
School: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancover BC, Canada

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