MGMT 5063 Week 4 Midterm Exam. Explain total customer satisfaction, Discuss the concept of disintermediation and provide an example

The Midterm exam covers both the lectures and chapter readings from session one through session four. The Midterm exam consists of 5 essay questions worth 20 points each. Your answers will be graded on completeness and application of the marketing concepts. Points will not be given for answers that are copied from Internet sources or lack originality. There is a 75 minute time limit to complete the Midterm exam.

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  1. Explain total customer satisfaction.
  2. Discuss the concept of disintermediation and provide an example
  3. The digital revolution has placed a whole new set of capabilities in the hands of consumers and businesses. Describe the advantages that you as a consumer have today that your parents or grandparents didn’t have.
  4. Identify and describe the four value stages of the brand value chain.
  5. Discuss the different ways that can be adopted by small manufacturing firms to conduct market research.

Course: MGMT 5063 Marketing Management
Southern Wesleyan University

  • 02/02/2018
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