CNS 6775 Advocacy Plan Presentation. Develop an advocacy focus plan on a societal level (local, state, federal or international) CNS6775 Counseling Administration, Advocacy, and Policy

Advocacy Plan Presentation

PLEASE NOTE: Advocacy focus/plan must be on societal level (local, state, federal or international). Cannot use individual advocacy cases for the plan

Each student will be required to complete an Advocacy Plan. Once you have identified your advocacy focus/interest, you should discuss it with the instructor before proceeding.  This plan will consist of the following components:

  • Written description of target population, social issue, problem that student desires to address
  • The advocacy goal(s) that you hope to achieve through your advocacy efforts, using the SMART model (Specifc, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timed, Timeframe)
  • Description of the advocacy model you are using and rationale for using it.
  • Description of your theory of change or logic model that you will utilize to bring about the change, accomplish the desired goals.
  • Capacity Map –  this is the identification of potential allies and opponents and where your advocacy efforts will fit in to the current public discourse on your identified problem/issue, how might you connect your advocacy goal to other issues already in the public awareness or that will be beneficial
  • Description of how to frame your advocacy message
  • Coalition – discuss whether you need to establish coalition, if so with what groups or individuals.  If you do not need coalition – discuss rationale for this decision.

Please use the above number items as subheadings for your Advocacy Plan.  The plan should be presented in PowerPoint format.  This presentation should be no less than 20 minutes. PowerPoint must also be e-mailed to the instructor on the night of presentation.

Course: CNS6775 Counseling Administration, Advocacy, and Policy
School: South University

  • 03/03/2017
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