CNS6775 Counseling Administration Advocacy and Policy Mid Term Exam Review

Brown Text

• Know what characterizes a collaborative approach to consultation
• How Caplan defines the relationship between consultant and consultee
• Know client-centered case consultation, program centered administrative consultation, consultee-centered case consultation, and consultee-centered admin consultation
• Know the 4 major categories of consultee difficulty and what the mean
• Know some interventions that would reduce inappropriate behavior and some to increase behavior
• Know what effective behavioral contracts entail
• Be able to develop an action plan for a problem you might deal with as a consultant, specifying a goal and steps to meet the goal.
• Name three of the topics typically discussed in contracting
• What is one of the first steps in initiating a productive working relationship and what happens during this process?
• What are three practical guidelines for strategy selection?

Sears Text

• According to Sears, what is the definition of a leader?
• Discuss how you would handle conflict in an organization.Include style of handling conflict: collaborator / compromiser / accommodator / competitor / controlling / avoider
• Provide three differences between psychotherapy and executive consultation
• What are the four phases of the coaching process and what happens in each phase?
• Name 5 characteristics of successful coaches
• What are two stumbling blocks for coaches
• Be able to apply organizational and individual interventions to a case scenario
• Be able to tell the difference between leaders, managers, and supervisors
• Know 3 suggestions for improving your political effectiveness

Course: CNS6775 Counseling Administration Advocacy and Policy
School: South University

  • 09/02/2017
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