PSY-358 Adult Development and Aging – PSY 358 Week 1 DQs Life-Span Perspectives

Directions: In 150-200 words, for each question, answer the following questions regarding life-span perspectives and successful aging. You must use one resource beside your textbook. Include in-text citations in your responses, with proper APA formatted reference list at the end of the questions.

  1. Explain the premises of the life-span perspectives; as well as the basic forces in human development.
  2. Describe what successful aging is and the best method to study successful aging.
  3. Explain the different types of research design used in the study of the life span.
  4. Describe the main approaches used to measure behavior in adult development and aging research; include the strengths and weaknesses for each.

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Course: PSY-358 Adult Development and Aging
School: Grand Canyon University

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