1. Unit 9 dealt with Leadership and described many theories in that field. Reflect on your own experience and describe two leaders you encountered, one you admired and found easy to follow, and the other one who you found ineffective. Describe the behaviors of each that underlie your opinion of them. What lessons did you learn from them you could apply to your own managerial style?

2. Please describe two situations; the first, a situation where you believe a very directive style would be appropriate and the second, one where you think a very collaborative style would better serve the situation. In both instances, describe the situation and your reasoning.

3. Would you prefer managing in a huge enterprise or a small one? What factors entered into your decision?

4. Do you think the “$2,000.00 to quit” offer is a sound business practice? Why or why not?

5. By this point, you hopefully have a fairly full understanding of what a manager does. If you were offered a managerial position (or if you currently hold one), what aspect of being a manager is a natural fit with your skills and personality? Conversely, which aspect do you feel would require more conscious effort on your part? Management is definitely NOT for everyone… do you think it is a career path you would enjoy

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