Social Media in Emergency Management:

  1. Go to the Federal Emergency Management Agency website to take the IS-42 Use of Social Media in Emergency Management independent course via
  2. Save the certificate of completion for attachment as an appendix in your written paper. A copy of the certificate validates learning of the objectives of the FEMA independent study course and is required supporting documentation in your paper to evidence course completion.
  3. As part of the FEMA independent study course on Social Media in the Workplace IS-42, download and review each of the following documents which are all accessible directly from the FEMA website—and in conjunction with each of the specific lesson plans—when taking the online independent study course:
    1. “Matrix of Social Media Use in Emergency Management” via
    2. “Tactical Uses of Social Media” via
    3. “Typical Stages of Development in the Use of Social Media “via
    4. “Common Steps to Adopting the Use of Social Media in Emergency Management” via
    5. “List of Commonly Used Social Media Sites, Platforms, and Tools by Emergency Managers” via
    6. “Key Organizational Challenges to Social Media in Emergency Management: Better Practices to Address Them” via
  4. Select an organization with which you are familiar and write a paper with inclusion of one or more paragraphs for each of the following steps, using similar headings in your paper:
    1. Introduction. Include identification of the organization selected for use in the paper.
    2. FEMA’s IS-42 Independent Study Course. Summarize the key points of the FEMA course: “Social Media Use in Emergency Management.”
    3. Stage of Development. Identify the stage of development based upon where the selected organization is located when using FEMA’s “Typical Stages of Developing in the Use of Social Media.”
    4. Envisioning the Use of Social Media. Describe yourproposedvision for the use of social media in emergency management at the selected organization. Draft a vision statement that encapsulates what your organization would be like with its full implementation.
    5. Challenges to the Process. Discuss the 2-3 key organizational challenges that your organization will likely face when seeking to implement social media use in emergency management, and recommend better practices to address those challenges identified.
    6. Integration of Faith and Learning. Integrate learning from the 6.1 Devotional and scripture reading on the employer-employee relationship, specifically speaking to how the implementation of using social media in emergency response evidences a two-way stewardship of that relationship.
    7. Action Plan. Outline an action plan for implementing use of social media in emergency management in the selected workplace. Be sure to include an introductory paragraph to this section and give consideration to SMART goals (i.e., Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time(s) for Completion). In addition to other actionable implementation items, include (a) how the program will be maintained or supported and (b) how it will be assessed.
    8. Conclusion. Summarize the main points of the paper.
  5. Your paper should be 600-800 words in length, not including the title page, reference page, or appendix items (e.g., the FEMA IS-42 independent study course completion certificate).
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