CPT 115 Introduction to Computer Science Spring 2016 Midterm Exam

1. Describe the difference between hardware and software?
2. List two major components of the CPU and explain the purpose of each?
3. It has been said that the internet could exit with the Web, but the Web couldn’t exist without the internet. Why is this true?
4. Why are TCP/IP Protocol so important to the functioning of the internet?
5. What is hypertext? How are the key ideas of hypertext incorporated into the web?
6. What is an Algorithm, Why it is important to writing computer programs?
7. What is a Web Server, and what role does it play in the World Wide Web?
8. Name two major categories of computer storage and give two examples of each
9. What is HTTP, and what is its role in facilitating web communication?
10. What are the four basic operations of a computer?

  • 25/04/2017
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