Talk 2; SPCH 100 Public Communication

Talk 2.  Informative -Speaking informatively through deliberative discussions . (Chap 10, PSDP)  Informative speaking is a form of rhetoric through which the speaker strives to educate an audience about the topic without leading them toward a particular position , conclusion , or outcome . In this type of talk you set your personal preferences or beliefs aside and present a neutral , fair , and inclusive understanding of the topic as possible .   The goal is to do your best to keep your opinions in check to allow audience members to arrive at their own conclusions.  This text will be 4 to 5 pages in length – 1000 two 1250 words -roughly 4 to 5 minutes of speaking time .   The text will be due week 6 September 29th through October 1st . Papers will be posted on blackboard again with 0ne question ,.   Talks will be given during week 7 October 6th through October 8 .
  • : 29/09/2020
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