Talk 1 .  Narrative – “Who are you ?  what matters ?  Who cares ? The best narrative is an examination both of the interior and exterior lives of the speaker . It is both a commentary on yourself and all that is around you – family , community , the world at large . The aim here is to get an understanding of the speaker –          How you think , your emotional response to what is around you , the way your beliefs in their broadest sense portray the world . There is no right or wrong response.      This text is the basis for your first talk . It will be 4 pages or 1000 words in length . One page is usually about one minute of talking time . The text of your narrative is due week three September 8th Through September 10 . These will be posted on blackboard and you may ask one question of your audience .  Consider what you want your audience to look closely at -What is most important in your text .  Week 4 you will give your talk and record it on Blackboard September 15th through 17th .
  • 15/09/2020
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