Secrets of the Sun

Watch the following video “Secrets of the Sun.” Download and answer the questions (the form is fillable). Save the worksheet and upload through the assignment

  1. What could CME waves do to Earth?
  2. What could happen today if we had an electromagnetic storm like the one that happened 150 years ago?
  3. What technology could be affected by the Sun?
  4. What are the ripples on the Sun?
  5. What new science has been created related to studying the sun?
  6. Under extreme pressure protons are fused together in a process known as nuclear fusion, what do two protons begin fused together create?
  7. Why doesn’t the Sun blow its self apart?
  8. How does a photon cross the radioactive zone and how long does it take it?
  9. What is the best way to predict solar storms?
  10. What two things determine how damaging a solar storm will be?


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