CUR/721 Week 8 Curriculum Design Proposal Assignment


Curriculum Design Proposal

Assignment Content

During the previous weeks, you have:

    • Identified and analyzed the curriculum development theories and strategies in your selected organization’s curricular program(s).
    • Illustrated and described the curriculum cycles and phases used by an organization.
    • Assumed the role of a curriculum director for your selected organization in order to manage the dissemination of expectations for communication, the submission of deliverables, and the resolution of conflict.
    • Developed a curriculum development timeline.
    • Explored a current trend in curriculum design.

Imagine that as a curriculum director of your selected organization, you have the opportunity to start over and build your organization’s curricula anew.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper evaluating the components of the curriculum development process in order to inform your own curriculum design approach. Use the following questions to guide your final product:

    • Which curriculum development theory(ies) and strategies would be included?
    • Which components would be included in your curriculum cycles and phases?
    • How would you involve stakeholders as well as manage expectations, communication, and conflict?
    • What would your timeline for curricular development be?
    • Which current trend(s) would you include in order to ensure the relevancy of your curriculum in accordance with industry standards?

Provide a rationale supported by appropriate citations for the components you include.

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Format in such a way that the organization could use it as a tool to guide the operation of a curriculum development process. Numbered or bulleted lists, brief instructional paragraphs, and diagrams may be more useful than dense text. Follow current APA guidelines, where necessary.

Submit your assignment.



Course: CUR/721 Curriculum Design
School: University of Phoenix

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