BUS 616 Week 3 Global Capital Markets Assignment


BUS 616 Week 3 Global Capital Markets Alibaba’s Record Setting IPO Assignment

Read Closing Case: Alibaba’s Record Setting IPO at the end of Chapter 12 in your text.

Write a two- to three-page paper, plus the title and reference pages, that includes an introduction and a conclusion with a detailed analysis that addresses the following:

  • Examine why Alibaba felt the need to issue equity in markets outside of China.  Describe the advantages and disadvantages of such a move.
  • Determine the attraction of Alibaba shares to foreign investors. Provide examples of why investors would be interested in buying foreign stock.
  • Summarize the risks for a foreigner associated with investing in foreign stock. Provide examples of possible risks.

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In addition to the required text, provide at least one additional scholarly source to support your point. Your paper should be formatted in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


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